Thursday, December 14, 2006

Albums I've Been Diggin'...

Vorpal- Digressions

Vorpal is an electronic music artist that lives in Montreal. I stumbled across this album when I was shopping on the emusic website a few weeks ago. I have never heard of him before and this is his debut album. This is pretty amazing stuff; I like nearly every track off this album, which is a rarity for me these days. It all flows together nicely and he touches on a few different styles of electronic music from skittering, hyperspeed drum and bass (similar to Aphex Twin and Squarepusher), to downtempo grooves with live drums. He infuses melody into a few tracks like Jessica In The Sky With Diamonds, which has a nice piano line that floats softly over the aggressive drums. His tracks tend to take a lot of twists and turns and, unlike a lot of electronic artists, manages not to stick with just one loop for a whole song. Check this guy out if you're in the mood to hear something different and challenging.

Final Fantasy- He Poos Clouds

If you can get past the questionable title, this is an awesome album. Final Fantasy is the brainchild of Owen Pallet, a musician who serves as a touring member for the Arcade Fire and the Hidden Cameras. He goes in quite a different direction here, these songs are basically classical music pieces infused with a modern rock aesthetic. The instrumentation is excellent and the songs are extremely well structured. He sings with real passion and his lyrics are clever and funny. Mr. Pallet is an amazing talent and I highly recommend this album.

Superthriller- #1

Superthriller is a fun, dance-rock/electronic group from the UK. They sound a little like Prince mixed up with the weird humor of Ween. I like a lot of the grooves on this album and the singer doesn't have a whiny, annoying voice like a lot of other singers in current dance-rock bands. The album is pretty varied, there are several acoustic interludes and the whole project flows well. Some of the songs made me laugh pretty hard like "Idiot" where the singer complains about handicapped people who act like assholes ("just because you've only got one leg, don't mean you have to be an idiot"). Good stuff.

You can find all these albums on eMusic. It's a pretty cool website, for ten bucks a month you get 40 downloads, and for 5 bucks you can add another ten downloads. There's lots of excellent indie rock, hip-hop, jazz, and electronic music on the site and their library keeps getting bigger.

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