Monday, January 15, 2007


I've been noticing that minimal techno is steadily gaining popularity with the dance crowd in San Francisco. Techno has long been lurking in the shadows of House-saturated San Francisco and I'm glad to see a new sound win some acceptance with the locals. I went to the last Kontrol party at the End-Up and it was jam packed and crackin'. The Kontrol guys made a smart decision in moving the monthly party to the End-Up; the sound system is excellent and there is more room to accommodate the growing minimal scene. Nikola Baytala ripped it up last week, this guy always brings a lot of energy to the dancefloor and clearly has a lot of passion for what he does. Matthew Dear played a solid set of his own material with Ableton Live although he lost the crowd a little bit during the second half of his set.

It's nice to see some other crews bring in some quality overseas talent. Beatdr_p recently brought out Pheek from Montreal in November, and are throwing events featuring Miskate and Butane in February. Butane made some dope records last year and Miskate is a great DJ... these events are not to be missed. There's also a new techno weekly at 111 Minna appropriately named "Fukwerk". Minimal is a great sound, I find that a lot of people who normally wouldn't be into dance music can groove to this music. I urge all of you to check out the next Kontrol party and the Beatdr_p events.


P.S. Check out my minimal mix at the bottom of the page.

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