Monday, March 12, 2007


Menomena- "Friend or Foe"- The latest album from the Portland, OR based trio is... well, pretty damn good. They manage to cover a lot of ground with this effort, moving through different styles with ease. A delicate piano loop floats in and out of the mix while glockenspiels twinkle in the background during "Wet And Rusting", a track that displays the band's softer side. The pounding drums that course throughout "Weird" show that the group is adept at laying down some heavy grooves. The disc falters when the vocals become too histrionic but thankfully this only happens on a few songs. This is the kind of indie rock that I like- adventurous, mildly psychedelic, and well produced. The cover art and booklet are extremely well done so you may want to pick this one up at your local record store.

Deerhunter- "Cryptogram"- This band has been causing quite a stir lately with their insane live shows and wild sound. Deerhunter plays noisy, fuzzy, psychedelic rock that bears some definite similarities to shoegazer bands like My Bloody Valentine. I was a little underwhelmed by this album to be honest. I enjoyed the ambient tracks but I found many of the rock-oriented, vocal songs to be pretty aggravating. For example, "Spring Hall Convert" starts off with some ethereal singing and nice guitar work but then quickly builds into this repetitive wall of sound that goes nowhere. I get the feeling that I would like these guys a lot better in a live setting.

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